Mohamed Bourouissa


"The word RIP reflects my entire approach to this project. I tried, from a formal point of view, to bring together signs and then let their similarities, or dissimilarities, happen. Manipulated, crumpled, brandished, supported, torn, thrown papers appeared as objects embodying these bridges between "turfistes" and supporters. It is through the production of these formal objects that a linguistic bridge has been built over two universes. The observation of these paper movements led me to explore common mechanics, two ways of conceiving the collective and the individual. I tried to make this mechanism visible. »

Mohamed Bourouissa

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Co-edition LE BAL - PMU - Watermarks Editions

November 2011

19 x 25 cm

100 colour photographs

128 pages


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RIP / Mohamed Bourouissa

Carte blanche LE BAL/PMU

Octobre 2011



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