Olivier Cablat


Conceived par Whitepapierstudio and co-published by LE BAL, PMU and Filigranes Éditions, this book coincides with the carte blanche LE BAL PMU 2012.

"France has historically been the country in the world has the most racetracks. Since 1776, more than 250 racetracks were erected. Our country is also endowed with 11,778 bars PMU in which it is possible to bet simultaneously and daily on trotting, galloping, steeplechase … since the appearance of paris online, you can bet from home with your personal computer or mobile phone.
My proposal Archeologico-experimental, is to fight and redistribute the cards, dismantling and reassembling compartments established in an attempt to glimpse the work of time at work in the visible world of horse betting.
Systems in which I will organize the raw material (portraits, landscapes, objects) use methods comparable to classical archeology, while avoiding any rational and scientific purposes, of any desire to make sense of the phenomena or mechanisms recurring . It will first of all create a link between the anecdotal and the universal, the small and the whole aesthetic intuition and scientific knowledge. Confronting them, I will try to arouse the conditions of existence of a form of experimental archeology turfisme. "
Olivier Cablat

Co-published by PMU - LE BAL - Filigranes Éditions
192 x 250
226 photographs in color
128 pages
ISBN : 978-2-35046-281-3

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Fouilles / Olivier Cablat

Carte blanche LE BAL / PMU - 2012

April 24 - May 12, 2013

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