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Online workshop with Yumi Goto / Reminders Photography Stronghold
Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th august- 4 sessions

Kenji Chiga / Reminders Photography

On August 29th and 30th, LE BAL Books will present Les Ondes Éphémères, a one-time live program and radio station dedicated to contemporary photography practices and publishing. On this occasion an extended series of workshops, masterclasses, and interviews with publishers, curators and photographers will be held online using the Le Bal network. Co-founder of the Reminders Photography Stronghold gallery in Tokyo, curator and publisher Yumi Goto has built in a few years a successful new space for exhibiting works of upcoming photographers. Since several years, she has also been teaching workshops on photobook making and assisting photographers on the creation of their own book. Exceptionally, Yumi Goto will present over the course of 2 days 4 online short sessions on the basics of photobook making.

Amongst the most thought out and sophisticated book-objects are currently coming out from the workshops held by Yumi Goto in her gallery space Reminder's Photography Stronghold, instantly recognizable in the style, with a knack for political subjects and intimate stories. In the last years, some of these books, entirely handmade in small editions, stood out in major ways and ended up being published in a trade edition by a major publisher such as Silent Histories by Kazuma Obara, Restoration Will by Mayumi Suzuki or Snowflakes dog man by Hajime Kimura. 

This workshop presented by Yumi Goto will happen in a free 4 session workshop of 30 minutes each. Each part will deal with a different step in the conception of a handmade photobook. Given the short amount of time for each session, these workshops will function as introduction to a methodology for book making with tips, practical tools and clues into this complex and rewarding process. It will not be possible for the teacher to advise participants on their personal works, but time for Q/A will be allowed at the end of every session.

The 4 workshops :

  1. Saturday August 29th - 11AM : "Introduction : Why make your own photobook?"
    In this first part, Yumi Goto will briefly introduce herself and her activities with Reminder's Photography. She will then establish the reasons why creating your own book is part of a photographer's practice and the endless possibilities of the medium. Participants will also be introduced to bookbinding, paper and printing options with examples.
  2. Saturday August 29th - 11:45AM : "Visual storytelling "
    How to built a framework to establish relationships between images? This second part will get into sequencing and editing images in the process of photobookmaking and the creation of visual links in a photographic project. Yumi Goto will also introduce participants to the tratement of archival images in a project.
  3. Sunday August 30th - 11AM : "Trials & Errors"
    This third class will go into the inevitable moments of doubts, errors and the many trials necessary to finalize a project. Yumi Goto will also give tools to handle these complicated yet necessary moments in the photobook making process.  
  4. Sunday August 30th - 11:45AM : "From the dummy book to trade edition"
    This last session will focus on the step following a finished dummy project : trade edition and production on a larger scale. Yumi Goto will provide practical examples of photographers she has worked with and go into the different possibilities ragrding distribution and promotion of a completed book project.

These talks are free and open to everyone. Pre-registration is necessary to gain access to the platform. Before registration or contacting us for information, please read all the practical details at the bottom of the page. 

Biography : Yumi Goto

Based in Tokyo (JP), Yumi Goto is an independent photo curator, editor, researcher and consultant. She frequently collaborates with local and international artists on projects specifically linked to conflicts, natural disasters, social issues, human rights abuse and violence against women. She is also the co-founder and editor of the Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery where she showcases exhibitions, workshops and conferences.



Practical info

Q/A time will be possible at the end of the interview
The talk will be held online on Zoom Paris time for each session

Schedule & Timing :

Saturday August 29th :
-First workshop  "Introduction : Why make your own photobook?" (30 minutes ) 11AM Paris time (UTC+02:00)
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- Second workshop  "Visual storytelling " (30 minutes) : 11:45AM Paris time (UTC+02:00) 
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Sunday August 30th:
- Third workshop "Trials and errors" (30 minutes) : 11AM Paris time (UTC+02:00) 
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- Fourth workshop "From dummy book to trade edition" (30 minutes) : 11:45AM Paris time (UTC+02:00) 
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Pre-registration is mandatory to receive access to the Zoom session.Thank you for registering to each separate session you wish to attend.
Registering for one session doesn't grant access to the rest of the sessions.

Language : English
Access : Free access (Thank you for registering beforehand to receive access to the online talk)
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