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On August 29th and 30th, LE BAL Books presented Les Ondes Éphémères, a one-time live program and radio station dedicated to contemporary photography practices and publishing. On this occasion an extended series of workshops, masterclasses, and interviews with publishers, curators and photographers was held online. Co-founder of the Reminders Photography Stronghold gallery in Tokyo, curator and publisher Yumi Goto presented 4 online sessions on the basics of photobook making. You can now watch the full sessions in the videos below.



(c)Yumi Goto / Reminders Photography Stronghold

Part I : "Why Make your own photobook?"

In this first part, Yumi Goto introduces her activities with Reminder's Photography Stronghold. She then establishes the reasons why creating your own book is part of a photographer's practice and the endless possibilities of the medium. Participants are also introduced to bookbinding, paper and printing options with examples

Part II : "Visual storytelling"

How to built a framework to establish relationships between images? This second part gets into sequencing and editing images in the process of photobookmaking and the creation of visual links in a photographic project. Yumi Goto also introduces participants to the treatment of archival images in a project.

Part III: "Trials & Errors"

This third class goes into the inevitable moments of doubts, errors and the many trials necessary to finalize a project. Yumi Goto also gives tools to handle these complicated yet necessary moments in the photobook making process. 

Part IV: "From dummy book to trade edition"

This last session focuses on the step following a finished dummy project : trade edition and production on a larger scale. Yumi Goto also provides practical examples of photographers she has worked with and goes into the different possibilities regarding distribution and promotion of a completed book project.

Practical info

Biography : Yumi Goto

Based in Tokyo (JP), Yumi Goto is an independent photo curator, editor, researcher and consultant. She frequently collaborates with local and international artists on projects specifically linked to conflicts, natural disasters, social issues, human rights abuse and violence against women. She is also the co-founder and editor of the Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery where she showcases exhibitions, workshops and conferences.


Programming : Emilie Lauriola
Organisation : Chloë Rebmann, Elise Villatte
Video : Elise Villatte, Louise Lafarge
Post-production : Matthieu Samadet
©Tous droits réservés, LE BAL, 2020


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