Que Faire ?

20 groups of young students from 14 to 20 years old
  • Je nous promets, 2019 (filmstill) ©  LE BAL/Clémentine Baert

  • Tournage de B.R.I.N. 2019 © LE BAL/Louezna Khenouchi 

  • Tournage de Les Espoirs, 2018 © LE BAL/Marianne Baisnée

  • Avant première de B.R.I.N, Douai, 2020

    LE BAL/ Louezna Khenouchi 

  • Sarah, reviens ! 2018 (filmstill) © LE BAL/Haut et court/F. Liatard et J. Trouilh

  • Tournage du film Les rêves prendront leurs revanches © LE BAL/Louezna Khenouchi 

  • Sarah, reviens ! 2018 (filmstill) © LE BAL/Haut et court/F. Liatard et J. Trouilh

  • Tournage de Dans mon réseau, 2020

    LE BAL/Marianne Baisnée

  • Restitution de Les espoirs, 2018 © LE BAL/Marianne Baisnée

  • Tournage de l'atelier de Lille, 2019 © LE BAL/Louezna Khenouchi

  • Surville, 2018 (filmstill) © LE BAL/Mali Arun

Making a film | Thinking collective action 

What do young people think of the model of society they inherit? What changes do they think are necessary? “Que faire ?” encourages young students to ask themselves about what can be the collective today. At a time when profound upheavals are taking place in our societies thus questioning their foundations: how can we become actors in a collective history? How can we manage to move the lines together? Based on a reflection on images and with the support of an artist, young students identify a subject that concerns them, and that will be the starting point for the film they will make together. During the workshops, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, to discover new abilities and to use their skills to develop collective action. Each film made is put into perspective with the words of researchers, local actors, town planners, journalists and sociologists during a preview screening.

Since 2017, close to 480 young students from 21 establishments and facilities have participated in the program: 

Collège Pierre Valdo, Vaulx-en-Velin
Collège Nina Simone, Lille
Lycée international Montebello, Lille
Lycée Maxence Van der Meersch, Roubaix
LA MAISON MJC Centre Social, Tourcoing
T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers, Gennevilliers
Fondation Jeunesse Feu Vert - Orillon, Paris 11
Espace Paris Jeune Belleville, Paris 11
Odéon - Théâtre de l'Europe, Paris 18 
Lycée André Malraux, Montereau-Fault-Yonne
Lycée Jacques Brel, La Courneuve
Maison de quartier Centre-ville Gagarine, Ivry-sur-Seine
Centre Social Henri Martel, Waziers
Centre Social Nicole Bastien, Château-Thierry 
Centre Social La Rotonde, Château-Thierry
Les Ateliers Médicis, Clichy-Montfermeil 
Comité dauphinois d'action socio-éducative, Grenoble
Pôle Enfance Famille, Saint-Priest  

14 films have been made by 18 guest artists with the young students: 

Surville by an 11th grade class from the Lycée André Malraux (Montereau-Fault-Yvonne) and Mali Arun
Je nous promets [I promise us], by young students of Clichy/Saint-Ouen/Gennevilliers/Paris and Clémentine Baert
Trois variations sur l’amitié [Three variations on friendship] by young students from the Lycée Jacque Brel (La Courneuve) and Louidgi Beltrame
Vaux-en-Velin 2018 by an 8th grade class from the Collège Pierre Valdo (Vaux-En-Velin) and Alain Declercq
Sarah, reviens ! [Sarah, come back!] by the young students of the Maison de Quartier Gagarine (Ivry-Sur-Seine) and Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh
Les Espoirs [Hopes] by an 11th grade class from the Lycée Maxence Van Der Meersch (Roubaix) and Daniel Touati (long version: Nos avenirs [Our futures])
Les rêves prendront leurs revanches [Dreams will take their revenge] by a group of young students from the MAISON MJC Centre social du Virolois (Tourcoing) and Clio Simon
Une nouvelle ère [A new era] by young students from the Collège Nina Simone and the Montebello International High School (Lille) and Alexandra Kandy Longuet (in progress)
Agora, by a group of young students from the EPJ Belleville and the Federation Feu Vert Antenne Orillon (Paris Belleville) and Laurent Lacotte (in progress)
A project with a group of young students from the CODASE (Grenoble) and Naïm Aït-Sidhoum
Dans mon réseau, by a group of young students from the Ateliers Médicis of Clichy-sous-Bois and Montfermeil and Randa Maroufi
B.R.I.N, by young students from the Centre Social Henri Martel (Waziers) with Ombline Ley et Caroline Capelle
Le service des phobies, by a group of young students from the Pôle Enfance Famille Léo Lagrange Centre Est (Saint-Priest) and Olivier Bosson
Les veilleurs, by young students from the Centres Sociaux Nicole Bastien and La Rotonde (Château-Thierry) and Vincent Pouplard
États-unis, by a group of young from the MJC Laënnec-Mermoz and the Compagnie Théâtre du Grabuge (Lyon) and Flavie Pinatel.
Un pincement au coeur, by young students from Le Lycée d’Hénin-Beaumont and Guillaume Brac.

This program is led by LE BAL / La Fabrique du Regard in partnership with the Agence Nationale de la Cohésion des Territoires, the Fondation AG2R - La Mondiale, the Fondation Suez, the Fondation de France, in collaboration with the DAACs of the rectorates of the academies of Créteil, Lille, Lyon, Paris and Versailles. A project supported by the Cercle des 100 Amis Mécènes du BAL.



Exposition des créations des jeunes 2017/2018

Montrer l'invisible

Jeudi 14 juin 2018 - 12h/18h

Mon journal du monde

11-15 year-old students from junior high schools

Mon œil !

From 15 to 18 year-old high school students

Regards croisés

6-12 year-old pupils

Exposition des créations des jeunes du BAL / La Fabrique du Regard

Image de soi, image des autres, créer ensemble

Vendredi 7 Juin 2019 de 10h à 18h

Exhibition of young people's creations at LE BAL / La Fabrique du Regard


Friday 2 June from 11AM to 5PM