Fouilles / Olivier Cablat

Carte blanche LE BAL / PMU - 2012
April 24 - May 12, 2013
  • Campagne de fouille, Étude du mouvement du cheval, 2012

    Olivier Cablat

  • Campagne de fouilles, extrait de campagnes numériques et analogiques, 2013

    Olivier Cablat

  • Extrait de la série Études de caractère, Hippodromes de Marseille Vivaux, Longchamp et Cagnes-Sur-Mer, 2012

    Olivier Cablat

  • Le Palmier, Avenue Louis Crozet, La Ciotat (Extrait de la série Bar-PMU-Concept, 2013)

    Olivier Cablat

  • Extrait de la série Études de caractère, Hippodrome de Vincennes, 2012

    Olivier Cablat

For the third year in a row, PMU, a French State-controlled horse racing betting system, demonstrates its commitment to contemporary photography by partnering with LE BAL to give Carte Blanche to a photographer for him to take a fresh look at the world of betting and sport games.

Olivier Cablat is the 2012 Carte Blanche awarded photographer after 2012 Malik Nejmi in 2010 and Mohamed Bourouissa in 2011.  « My proposal Archeologico-experimental, is to fight and redistribute the cards, dismantling and reassembling compartments established in an attempt to glimpse the work of time at work in the visible world of horse betting.
Systems in which I will organize the raw material (portraits, landscapes, objects) use methods comparable to classical archeology, while avoiding any rational and scientific purposes, of any desire to make sense of the phenomena or mechanisms recurring.

 « It will first of all create a link between the anecdotal and the universal, the small and the whole aesthetic intuition and scientific knowledge. »

Confronting them, I will try to arouse the conditions of existence of a form of experimental archeology turfism » -Olivier Cablat

Olivier Cablat has been selected by the following jury: Philippe Germont, CEO of PMU - Benoit Cornu, Communications Director of the PMU - Diane Dufour, director of BAL - Jacqueline Amécourt, President of the Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art - Quentin Bajac, Chief of Staff of photography at the Centre Pompidou - Stéphane Couturier, Photographer - Nicolas Ferrand Collector - Director of Daily publication of the art and Jean de Loisy - Chairman of the Palais de Tokyo.


The exhibition will also present the seriesTurfisme by Malik Nejmi and RIP by Mohamed Bourouissa.


Fouilles. by Olivier Cablat, conceived by whitepapierstudio will be co-published by Filigranes Editions and LE BAL.



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