Léa Habourdin et Thibault Brunet

Les immobiles

To coincide with the exhibition, LE BAL, PMU and Filigranes Éditions co-publish the book Les Immobiles conceived by Whitepapierstudio.

After Malik Nejmi, Mohammed Bourouissa, Olivier Cablat and Kourtney Roy, the Carte Blanche 2014 spotlights the work of Léa Habourdin and Thibault Brunet.

“Despite having always been part of our surroundings, the betting shop [PMU in French] was never more than a distant, abstract world that we pictured in terms of the images that vaguely imposed themselves on our mind’s eye: swirls of cigarette smoke, punters head-down studying form, horses with names like abstract aphorisms, queues at the betting counter… Immediately we knew that these more or less fantasy images would become our starting point, and that we would produce not a documentary view but a metaphorical, dream-like work.”


Léa Habourdin & Thibault Brunet
Les Immobiles
Filigranes Éditions
128 pages
25 €

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Léa Habourdin and Thibault Brunet

Les immobiles

January 14 - 25, 2015

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