Joanna Piotrowska — Stable Vices / Entre nous


On the occasion of Joanna Piotrowska's exhibition, discover the most emblematic works of the artist in both publications Stable Vices / Entre Nous, co-published by MACK and LE BAL.

Stable Vices, was published by MACK in 2021. It is a monographic publication dedicated to the work of Polish artist Joanna Piotrowska. It includes her most recent photographic series and films, dealing with themes such as protection, liberty and oppression. At the occasion of the eponymous solo-show, LE BAL publishes a booklet, entitled Entre nous, co-published with MACK, completing the original publication and presenting her most recent series, in which the artist looks upon her own familial history, and also including a new text from psychanalyst  Anouchka Grose. The new text comes on top of original text by contemporary art historian and curator Sara de Chiara, philosopher Joanna Bednarek, and writer Dorota Maslowska

« These precarious poses, excessive gesturing and movements that seem to be suddenly executed, communicate a state of emergency, as if they were reflex actions to something that remains unknown to the viewer. »
– Sara De Chiara, art historian

Discover the publication

Joanna Piotrowska — Stable Vices & Entre nous
Anouchka Grose - Sara De Chiara - Joanna Bednarek - Dorota Masłowska
Coédition : MACK, LE BAL
Textes de Stable Vices en anglais
Textes du livret en français
17 × 21,5 cm
48 pages + 176 pages
Prix : 40 € 



Joanna Piotrowska – Entre nous

Exhibition from February16th to May 21st, 2023

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Joanna Piotrowska – Entre nous

mercredi 22 février 2023

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