4 special mentions of the jury

  • Elena Helfrecht

  • © Rebecca Digne, ADAGP, Paris 2019

  • © SMITH, ADAGP, Paris, 2019

  • Julie Ramage 

Among the 368 applications received, the jury singled out 4 special mentions : Rebecca Digne, Elena Helfrecht, Julie Ramage and SMITH.

In 2020, the "special mentions" will benefit from two days of masterclasses where they will have the opportunity to meet professionals and personalities from the world of visual arts (publishers, graphic designers, heads of institutions, critics, artists, collectors, etc.) in order to better understand the stakes of their work, to enrich and develop their creative project.

The Loci Method project, which unfolds in chapters, explores the notion of memory at both the individual and collective levels. What tools are we putting in place to resist its loss? Can we escape it? How does memory define our individual and collective identity? How does memory shape our future and how does it become? The Loci Method is a mnemonic technique based on the creation of seven mental chambers that allow us to organize information in order to memorize it.
Born in 1982, lives and works in Paris.

In this work, Elena Helfrecht explores a repressed and unknown past, interwoven with many layers of personal and collective history, made of trauma, memory and silence. Studying the complex itineraries of her ancestors, using her family home and archives, she attempts to draw an individual but also national narrative of German history, through the legacy of trauma and memory of previous generations. Recreating dreamlike environments and symbols, Elena Helfrecht questions notions of post-memory and mental health as well as war and history.
Born in 1992, lives and works in London.

[Currency] proposes the implementation of a collaborative creation platform including the men's prison in Bois-d'Arcy, the central prison in Poissy and the women's prison in Fleury-Mérogis. Taking as a starting point the prohibition of money in the prison space, the project invites the participants to collectively reflect on the notion of exchange and to analyse the functioning of the economy in prison. Coming from various institutions and backgrounds (short sentences, long sentences, defendants, men and women), the working groups thus formed compare their points of view and put their daily lives into perspective to produce a collective video installation that engages in dialogue with contemporary social and political issues.
Born in 1987, lives and works in the Paris region.

Forged on the etymology of the word "desire", the neologism "desideratation" refers to nostalgia and the lack of a celestial object that has disappeared. According to today's most probable scientific hypothesis, the bricks of life necessary for the genesis of humanity were brought to our planet by meteorites millions of years ago.
Today, what link still unites us to our celestial origin? How can we re-appropriate the cosmic dimension of our genealogy? How can we describe the melancholy linked to the distance - geographical, cultural, biological - that separates us from our original cosmos?
Born in 1985, lives and works in Paris.


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La Bête, A modern Tale by Yasmina Benabderrahmane

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