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Honey Lee Cottrell / Image courtesy of the Division of Rare and Manuscript collections, Cornell University Library

In august 2020, LE BAL Books presented Les Ondes Éphémères, a one-time live program dedicated to contemporary photography practices and publishing. On this occasion a series of workshops, masterclasses, and interviews with publishers, curators and photographers was held online. In recent years, American artist Carmen Winant has worked with archives of found images to produce two radical photo books, My birth, which depicts the often invisible experience of labor and childbirth, and Notes on Fundamental Joy, a project that forefronts the photographs made by lesbian feminist separatists in the 1970's and 80's. In the following talk, Carmen Winant is in conversation with Self-Publish, Be Happy founder and publisher Bruno Ceschel to discuss her books, the role of bookmaking in her practice, archival work, feminism, and is introducing us to selected publications from her own bookshelves. Watch the video below.

Carmen Winant, previously a student of Catherine Opie, questions the production of images and the mechanisms that oppress women, their bodies, experiences and sensations. Her installation work and publications, constructed with found images, connect with accuracy to multiple forms of non-verbal language.

This talk and interview with Self-Publish, Be Happy founder and publisher Bruno Ceschel is about books she considers references, as well as her own publications. 'My birth' (SPBH, 2018) featuring an archive of intimate images of women giving birth; and 'Notes on Fundamental Joy' (Printed Matter, 2019) that includes photographs made during the Ovulars, a series of photographic workshops that took place between 1981-84 on Rootworks, a womyn's land in Oregon.These two excellent books were both met with praise and constitute, in our view, new forms of feminist and anti-capitalist manifestos.


Carmen Winant/My birth (SPBH, 2019)


Biography: Carmen Winant

Carmen Winant is the Roy Lichtenstein Endowed Chair of Studio Art at The Ohio State University and a 2019 Guggenheim Fellow in photography. Winant collects and alloys found photographs as a method of looking closely feminist modes of survival, revolt, and innermost feeling. Her work has been exhibited at MoMA, The Wexner Center for the Arts, and the Sculpture Center, among others. In 2019, Winant published with Printed Matter the book "Notes on Fundamental Joy; seeking the elimination of oppression through the social and political transformation of the patriarchy that otherwise threatens to bury us" She lives in Columbus, OH, with her partner Luke Stettner and her two and four-year-old sons, Rafa and Carlo.


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