Thursday, November 21th - 8PM

Chimigramme, 2014

Fanny Béguély

Before us, we don't see anything.

Like a challenge stretched to the present, the past looks at us but we do not see it: we observe it from afar and try to tame it with a few fragments of remaining images, inherited visual traces that, for want of anything better, we take in hand.

How can we challenge the black screen that precedes us when we seek, as artists, photographers, writers, historians, to approach the image of the past? How do we make contours, margins and tricks happen to "make appear", in the present, a certain image of the times that precede us?

The inaugural session is presented by Adrien Genoudet, writer, filmmaker and visual history researcher, with Fanny Béguély, photographer, Hélène Gaudy, writer, Emmanuelle Fructus, artist, anonymous photography specialist, and Philippe Artières, historian, research director at CNRS.

The Effervescence of images, History of images, is a series of meetings and performances organized with Adrien Genoudet in partnership with the Collège de France and the magazine Entre-Temps. He intends to question the temporality of the images: how do they travel and cross time? How do they construct and define our understanding of history, collective or intimate? Each session takes the form of a performance preceded by a debate with historians, writers, artists and filmmakers.

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