Talk / Signature with Samuel Gratacap, Christiane Vollaire and Pascal Beausse

Thursday 17 september 2015 - 8 PM


Samuel Gratacap 2012-2014 / PRIX LE BAL DE LA JEUNE CREATION avec l'ADAGP

Talk between Samuel Gratacap and Pascal Beausse,curator of the exhibition and Christiane Vollaire, philosopher.

« The first image is that of a place dominated by light and wind, a fragment of a Tunisian desert. Some silhouettes, inhabitants of this temporary living place, some ghostly and distant appearances. One of my first photographs is the one of a Chadian man holding at arm’s length a piece of an A4 sheet of paper: it’s a confirmation of the final rejection of his request for refugee status – REJECTED. It’s an image, and he offers it to me. This man’s life and future lie on this piece of paper. A number and a bureaucratic language have destroyed it all. His gesture of protest, this very gesture of handing me this piece of paper, is a manifest gesture.  »

Samuel Gratacap

The talk will be preceded by a signature at LE BAL BOOKS at 7 PM

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Samuel Gratacap


September 11 - October 4, 2015

Round #1 - Exile and migration policy

Table ronde organisée par LE BAL et l’EHESS

Thursday October 1st, 2015 - 8 PM