Round #2

organised by EHESS and LE BAL
Thursday 21 January at 7PM

Sophie Ristelhueber, Spreads from Fait: Koweit 1991, Éditions Hazan, 1992 

LE BAL, photo Martin Argyroglo

The first in a series of round tables in which artists and social science researchers compare methods and tools for analysis and representation in the light of one of the subjects addressed by the exhibition. 

With :
Philippe Boissinot, lecturer at EHESS
Laurent Grasso, artist exhibited at Fondation Hermès at the present time
Dominique Pestre, science historian, director of studies at EHESS 
Sophie Ristelhueber, artist, exhibited at BAL at the present time
Modération : Sylvain Bourmeau, journalist, producer of La suite dans les idées on France Culture and professor associated to EHESS



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Pass DUST: 18 euros 
(unlimited access to the exhibition and to the BAL LAB program)



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