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© John Also Bennett : Julie Calbert / Eszaid : Léonard Méchineau


An American multi-instrumentalist composer, John Also Bennett mixes flutes, synthesizer and minimalist electronics in order to develop a unique, ambient and meditative sound. A collaborator of artists such as Christina Vantzou, Jon Gibson and Zin Taylor, he will give at the LE BAL his first Parisian concert where heand  will introduce present his new album Erg Herbe. His performance will be preceded by an Eszaid set. Representing half of the duo Mura Oka and co-founder of the label Collapsing Market, this DJ and innovative producer of the new French electronic scene has released in 2018 Eurosouvenir, a great experimental debut album, oscillating between techno and minimalism. In collaboration with LE BAL, this concert is the first edition of the Slow Moves nights, a series of performances and musical installations initiated by the label/publisher of the same name. 

John Also Bennett (US)




Released in 2019 on Shelter PressErg Herbe, JAB's first solo album, Erg Herbe unfolds as a series of long sound meditations, with strange and profoundly constructed prisms. Drawing on the rich history of New York’s loft music, the album brings together on a rich and hypnotic track ideas developed over more than 10 years with the help of different types of flutes and oscillators. Quoting Takehisa Kosugi, Dominique Lawalrée and Pauline Anna Strom as influences, the collaborator of Jon Gibson and Christina Vantzou also worked in 2018 on the album CV & JAB- Thoughts Of A Dot As It Travels A Surface and on two releases with his bands Seabat and Forma.

Eszaid (FR)


Co-founder of the label Collapsing market, Louis Vial aka Eszaid discreetly imposed himself as one of the most singular music producers of the new electronic French scene with the release of his first LP Euro-Souvenir in 2018. Mixing obsessions ranging fromHe mixes influences ranging from Dub to Drum’N’Bass but also noise and industrial inspirations. The minimalist sound of Eszaid thus bringsing together in a surprising form his taste for experimentation and complex electronic sounds in a surprising form. He recently released a compilation on Good Morning Tapes.  



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