Improvised Music

Carte Blanche for Eric Chenaux
Thursday January, 12 - 8 PM

Utah, États-Unis, 2004

Stéphane Duroy

In LE BAL's exhibition venue, the guitarist Eric Chenaux and the saxophonist Christine Abdelnour are for the first time devising a sound piece together, where there will be an interweave of improvisation modules consisting of movements, textured rhythms and winding melodies.

As a leading figure in Toronto’s “Do It Yourself” experimental music scene in the 1990s and 2000s, and co-founder of the label Rat-Drifting in 2002, Eric Chenaux obliquely explores the “song” idiom passed through the sieve of improvisation, collage and deconstruction. In an uneven repertory of vernacular tunes and ballads, ageless and authorless, Eric Chenaux develops, cascade-like, a metamorphic and virtuoso manner of guitar playing. Christine Abdelnour, with her alto instrument, creates very much her own world, open to micro-tonality and contemporary techniques. She broaches sound like a malleable plastic matter, rich in concrete textures which mix breathing, silence and numerous acoustic distortions.
They both collaborate regularly with different artists hailing from the visual arts, dance and acoustic design.

With the complicity of Maxime Guitton, independent music programmer.

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Single price 9 euros



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