The Japanese Noise rock at LE BAL

Live / Taku Sugimoto and Junko
Saturday March 19, 2017 - 8 PM

Junko, Voice of the forest, 2015

Gaël Canton

At the invitation of the guitarist Michel Henritzi, Taku Sugimoto and Junko assemble for an extraordinary live at LE BAL.

Taku Sugimoto is a founding member of the Onkyokei movement, which literally means "sound reverberation", a musical form of free improvisation which stresses the sounds emerging in Japan in the 90s. He is, in practice, a "radical" guitarist. His technique, inspired by John Cage, gets gradually rid of melody to highlight the silences, the emptiness, approaching the musical abstraction.

Since his beginning with the noise group Hijokaidan, Junko uses his voice as an instrument. Musical performer, Junko screams. Her animal howls, essentials, shouted out like at the end of a night terror, drive the audience into a corner. These harrowing screams, celebrated by the japanese noise, will fill up LE BAL's space for a cathartic sound experience.

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Price : 9 euros
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