Spiritualist conference by Loo Hui Phang with Jean-François Auguste, Arnaud Louski-Pane and Orlando Pereira Dos Santos

A seismology of beliefs
Thursday March 30, 2017 - 8 PM

Interact with spirits, show the invisible, make tangible the impalpable. That was the undertaking of spiritualist meetings in the 19th century.

Through photography, a process as technological as mysterious, the mystical trances and the swinging tables were collective experiences bordering on supernatural. Sign festivals, they were fictions before anything else.

The spiritualist conference by the writer and scenarist Loo Hui Phang, followed by Jean-François August, director, Arnaud Louski-Pane, artist and Orlando Pereira Dos Santos, photographer, investigates the process of occult meetings. Among other methods, the conference reproduces in situ a spiritualist photographic session.
The conference is intended for a mature audience.

Practical info

For more informations : poret@le-bal.fr
Price : 9 euros



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