Les voix du soir

Sound diffusion by Dominique Petitgand
Thursday March 10, 2016 - 8 PM

Dominique Petitgand, Les voix du soir, extrait transcription

Dominique Petitgand composes and produces talked, musical and silent sound pieces.

Voices and musical atmospheres build through editing a micro-universe where ambiguity is present inbetween a certain sense of reality (recorded conversations) and projection in a dreamlike fiction.

For LE BAL, Dominique Petitgand conceives a listenning session where old and new sound pieces are involved and whose tacit central theme is suggested by some temporal landmarks. Thus, succeed one another soliloquies, reminiscences, descriptions, miniature landscapes, starts of a disaster, daydreams and other possible tales.


Born in 1965 in Laxou, he lives and works in Paris.

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Practical info

Exhibition ticket
Booking obligatory

More information: assistantcom@le-bal.fr
Pass Cinquième Corps : 18 euros
(unlimited access to the exhibition and to the BAL LAB program)

Dominique Petitgand is currently exhibited with L'Élement déclencheur, from February 4 to March 19 at GB Agency.
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