Volatile bodies

Film cycle around Noémie Goudal - Cinquième corps
March 8 - May 3, 2016


Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy, 2014

Building from experimental and artist films found in Light Cone's catalog as well as other collections, the screenings explore three paths of reflection suggested by Noémie Goudal's photographic series: the presence of unexpected constructions within natural landscapes, a fascination for the celestial, and the creation of a mini-universe that purposely obscures our preception of time.

Portrait of a place: Sculpture / Tuesday, March 8 – 8 PM

Noémie Goudal's photographic sculptures integrate themselves into unexpected landscapes, which thereby acquire ambiguous status. These natural spaces take on the qualities of strange decors, falling out of context and becoming somehow emptied. In Transit of the Megaliths, Nicholas Brooks deploys a similar strategy: geometric figures travel across the English countryside, echoing the sculptural elements imbued with life in the favelas and the desert landscapes of the Argentine artist Miguel Angel Ríos. We also find this ambiguous relationship with reality in the work of Ana Vaz, where architectural ruins from a megalomaniac construction project evoke the excesses of Ancient Egypt with its pyramids.

Per Speculum d’Adrian Paci 2006, vidéo, coul., son, 6’53
Transit of the Megaliths de Nicholas Brooks 2013, vidéo, coul., son, 20’45
Piedras blancas de Miguel Angel Ríos 2014, vidéo, coul., son, 5’
The Ghost of Modernity: Lixiviados de Miguel Angel Ríos, 2012, vidéo, coul., son, 5’
A Idade da Pedra d’Ana Vaz 2013, vidéo, coul., son, 29’

Celestial voyages / Tuesday, March 22 – 8 PM

Astral bodies have fascinated humans from ancient times, and many civilizations have since attempted to probe the countless phenomena of the skies. Cinema did not lag far behind. In 1937, Jean Painlevé and Achille-Pierre Dufour tackled the subject in an educational film which sets itself apart from Tobias Schmücking's hallucinatory visions or Stan Brakhage's observations of the Arapahoe summit in the Rocky Mountains. In Observando el Cielo, Jeanne Liotta toiled for seven years in order to unveil the cosmic ballet of the celestial sphere.

Voyage dans le ciel de Jean Painlevé et Achille-Pierre Dufour 1937, 16 mm, n&b, son, 10’
30 Miles North of Edmonton - July 16th, 1969 de Tobias Schmücking, 2003, vidéo, coul., son, 7’
Observando el Cielo de Jeanne Liotta 2007, 16 mm, coul., son, 19’
...These Blazeing Starrs! de Deborah Stratman  2011, 16 mm, n&b, son, 14’14
Song 27: My Mountain de Stan Brakhage 1968, 16 mm, coul., sil, 23’

Voyage in time / Tuesday, May 3 – 8 PM

Noémie Goudal's fragile architectures, especially her series In Search of the First Line which depicts edifices from another epoch integrated into concrete industrial rubble, evoke modern ruins, post-apocalyptic constructions, the survival of a swallowed-up world.

Experimental cinema rarely ventures into the territory of science-fiction and parallel universes. Nevertheless, this is the subject of the films presented in this screening, which transgress narrative rules and cloud one's sense of time via three very distinct approaches: the use of old photographs in Wolkenschatten, the exploration of an abandoned futurist house in Bubble House and the  discovery of four islands, which may or may not be illusory, by Ben Rivers.

Wolkenschatten d’Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy, 2014, 16 mm, coul., son, 17’
Bubble House de Tacita Dean 1999, 16 mm, coul., son, 9’
Slow Action de Ben Rivers 2010, vidéo, coul. et n&b, son, 40’

Practical info

Cinéma des Cinéastes
7, avenue de Clichy - 75017 Paris

9,50 euros full price
7,50 euros reduced price
film + exhibition at LE BAL : 11,50 euros



Noémie Goudal

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Noémie Goudal