Soleil froid, lumières de l'entropie

Meeting with Olivier Scheffer
Thursday June 12, 2014 - 8 PM

The Bridge Monument Showing Wooden Sidewalks, from « The Monuments of Passaic», 1967 

Robert Smithson / Collection Museet for Samtidkunst, Norway

This performed reading, accompanied by some movie clips, will try to describe the coldness natural aesthetism, which appears to american artist Robert Smithson as an essential condition to entropy.

Lethargic states of mind, less quality architectures, neutral works of plastic and aluminium, sci-fi movies "cold like steel", Smithson's resort to the second law of thermodynamic not only points out the inexorable end of any vitality. Entropy refers, before anything else, to an aesthetic system of the surface without depth. A waiting where matter is forgotten, from which Lewis Baltz get closer. While he photographs the suburb parking of Paissac, New-Jersey, Smithson declares "The indifferentbacks of the cars flashed and reflected the stale afternoon sun. I took a few listless, entropic snapshots of that lustrous monument."


Writer and philosopher

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Tuesday June 17, 2014 - 20h

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From May 27 to July 1st 2014

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