The imaginary archives of Gerard Petrus Fieret

A proposition of Emmanuelle Fructus and Julie Barrau
Friday August 26 - Sunday August 28, 2016

collection Emmanuelle Fructus

To end the exhibition Gerard Petrus Fieret, LE BAL BOOKS invites Emmanuelle Fructus ("Un livre, une image") and Julie Barrau to present "The imaginary archives of Gerard Petrus Fieret".

A range of unsigned photographs, fantasized around the "fotograficus" of Fieret and its universe.
Feminine nudes, self-portrait, playing girls and family portraits of unknowns are reinvented for two days. A story through the look of these collectors of vernacular photography. The images collection will be presented and on sale from Friday August 26 7 PM to Sunday August 28.

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Gerard Petrus Fieret

May 26 - August 28, 2016

Das Kapital illustrated : Jean-Baptiste Ganne and Julien Prévieux

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Gerard Petrus Fieret

Gerard Petrus Fieret

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