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LE BAL Café OTTO evenings
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Due to the health situation and the ensuing measures, we regret to inform you of the closure of the BAL café from this Friday, October 30th until further notice.

You can continue to follow our chef Morgane Lovero and her recipes on Instagram !


Born from a union between the Mediterranean and Normandy, Chief Morgane Lovero draws inspiration from her family roots. With a mother who was a great cook in the family, a grandfather who produced cider and raised Norman lamb, she quickly found her place in pastry making.

Nevertheless, her taste for cooking quickly caught up with her. Inspired by chefs such as: Isabella De Armas, with whom she has worked, her cooking is respectful of the seasons and the environment, but also warm, friendly and full of flavor. She brilliantly combines transmission cooking and local products to provoke an emotion through a vegetal, simple and comforting cuisine.

Opening Hours : 
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday form noon to 7 PM 
(lunch from noon to 2 PM with a formule with dish + desert OR starter for 18e OR a formule with starter + dish + desert for 22e)
Saturday and sunday 11AM -7 PM
Brunch every week end from 12 AM- 3 PM (no booking)
Closed on mondays and tuesdays

To book within the week: 01 44 70 75 51 / //balcafeotto@gmail.com">balcafeotto@gmail.com

Morgane Lovero presents her recipe of the month: Gnocchi, pesto and green pepper and fried shallots 
For 4 people 

-Gnocchi machine :
500g potato 2 egg yolks
250g of flour
50g of butter
1 cac of salt

Peel and cook the potatoes in lightly salted broth. Once the potatoes are cooked, mashed potato them into a puree. Add the butter, the yolks, the salt and finally the flour. Mix until smooth and slightly sticky. Make sticks, cut them into 1 cm long and with a fork make the traditional marks of the gnocchi. Set aside on a lightly floured tray.

-The pesto
2 bunches of basil 100g of parmesan cheese 50g of roasted pine nuts 120 ml of olive oil Juice of 1/2 lemon 1/2 cc of fleur de sel 1 clove of garlic
Mix the whole and then add a little cold water to obtain the desired texture.

Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water for 3 minutes. Remove from the water and add the pesto and the finely chopped green chilli pepper. Arrange on a plate and add a little pepper, grated parmesan cheese and the fried shallots.