Daido Moriyama

As soon as the 1960s, Daido Moriyama is recognized as a major symbol of the japanese artistic stage.

He published every month in the Asahi Camera review, under the generic title Akushidento (Accident) which allows him to develop an "accidental" collection of images : convoluted images, chaotic visions, voyeurism... On the request of the critic and photographer Takuma Nakahira, whom he met in 1964, he is part of the two last issues of Provoke, published in 1969. Shashin Yo Sayonara (So long photography), Moriyama third work published in 1972, goes beyond the mediums limits : dissonant assembly of various images, blurred and raw, which will be his ultimate performance for Provoke.



Daido moriyama and Provoke

Meeting with Akio Nagasawa, Jean-Kenta Gauthier and Diane Dufour

Wednesday November 16, 2016 - 8 PM