Par la mer

Dorothée Munyaneza
Thursday March 28, 2019 - 8 PM

Bord de Mer de Limonade Haïti, 2008 © Gael Turine / MAPS

Dancer, choreographer and singer from Rwanda,Dorothée Munyaneza is a unique artist who refuses boundaries and speaks out “to force us to listen to the silences and see the scars of History.”

Par la Mer is a new performance designed for the space of LE BAL. It is as much a performance as it is an invitation, constantly renewed, to inhabit our world and this space where commitment to others is essential. The other that can no longer be kept quiet. The other that we have to listen to. Dorothée Munyaneza will invite us to let ourselves be crossed by our mixed stories, beyond the seas that separate us, waters that bear witness to our stories of yesterday and today.

"I am told that we came by sea.
Everywhere people growl, tears flow, buildings collapse, cars burn,
hearts bleed, bodies bend under misery, bombs and unpunished bullets.
Now it's time for anger and rage.
No respite.
The impossible mourning.
I am told that we came by sea.
Dance and fire.
I recognize his back.
I'm told we have the same voice.
I stand up straight.
Two boys wash themselves for a long time in the sea.
Still the same question "what are we doing here?
The same as you.
I reach out my hand, I go around the machine that crushes and suffocates.
Sometimes I cry when I sing.
In the slit, at night, we spit and scream:
And you, how did you come to us?"

Practical info

Mandatory Booking
Information :
Single Tariff : 12 euros with an entry ticket for the exhibition*
*Valid for the duration of the exhibition

Conception: Dorothée Munyaneza
Interpretation : Dorothée Munyaneza and Alain Mahé for the music
Costumes : Stéphanie Coudert

Produced by Compagnie Kadidi, Anahi with the support of LE BAL.



Alex Majoli


February 22 - April 28, 2019