A conversation between Debi Cornwall, Aglaia Konrad, Paola Yacoub and Diane Dufour

Saturday 10 February, 2018 - 12PM

Paola Yacoub

Diane Dufour has a conversation about the concept of suspension with three artists.

American photographer Debi Cornwall will look back at her work in Guantanamo prison and the portraits she made there of former inmates who were sent home or to “third countries”, free but with no hope of justice or returning. Austrian photographer Aglaia Konrad will talk about her approach to urban areas and their outskirts — places perpetually in search of an identity — especially in her Desert Cities series, which she made in Egypt. Lebanese artist Paola Yacoub will discuss her Les fleurs de Damas series, a critical interpretation of the changes Lebanon has undergone since the civil war and their visible impact on the population

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