The Size of Our Souls

Trio performed by Julie Nioche, Gwenaëlle Aubry and Sir Alice
Thursday 15 March, 2018 - 8PM

Writers and choreographers who do not know each other have been invited produce a creative project together at the next Concordan(s)e travelling festival.

« We host crowds, noisy hordes and radiant tribes. We are a huge reception area, an asylum whose walls have come tumbling down. Galley ships, ghost ships and ships of fools pass each other on our inner seas. Three bodies that, perhaps, merge into one, are on stage. Others are in the house. All are heavily populated. No census has been taken. A ritual, an inorcism, unites them. What does it mean to host another body (man, woman, child, animal, ghost, to name but a few) in one’s own? How are the others summoned? We let them come. We watch them move. We let them in. Nobody will be turned away: our borders shift and have very little barbed wire. »

With Julie Nioche, dancer, choreographer and osteopath; Gwenaëlle Aubry, writer and researcher in philosophy at the CNRS; and Sir Alice, electronic music composer and performer



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February 9 - May 13, 2018

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Conversation with Mélanie Pavy and Sophie Houdart

Thursday 15 february, 2018 - 8PM

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