Between Marx and Joyce : Eisenstein and Das Kapital film adaptation

Marx on stage
Thursday Frebruary 18, 2016 - 8 PM

La Société du spectacle de Guy Debord

Guy Debord, 1973, 88’, photogramme

The École normale supérieure (ENS) and LE BAL unite for a cycle of screenings and debates dedicated to the contribution of Marx thinking in the artistic creation which, for years, revisits and tries to reproduce Das Kapital.

Beyond the aesthetic transpositions developed by directors, plastic artists and producers, the debate will focus on the necessity to think Das Kapital and its issues within the contemporary theory of medias and image.

Made of material and archives recently discovered by Elena Vogman, this evening will be dedicated to the unfinished project of Eisenstein : adapt Das Kapital. A challenge more laborious especially as the director wished to adapt for cinema the literary processes used by James Joyce in Ulysse. The director dreamed up a movie that would have open ways to a new cinema capable of producing an "intellectuel dynamization" of the audience.

With François Albera, lecturer in history and cinematographic aesthetic at the Université de Lausanne, Jacques Aumont, professor emeritus in cinematographic studies at the Université Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle, Georges Didi-Huberman, art historian and philosopher, lecturer at the EHESS (École des hautes études en sciences sociales), former manager of the Musée du cinéma de Moscou, Elena Vogman, PhD student at the  Freie Universität of Berlin, in preperation of a thesis on Method de Sergueï Eisenstein.


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Pass Cinquième Corps : 18 euros

Cycle conçu par Ada Ackerman et Antonio Somaini, avec le soutien des unités de recherche THALIM (Théorie et histoire des arts et des littératures de la modernité – CNRS) et LIRA (Laboratoire international de recherches en arts – université Paris III).



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