La jaquette blanche

The Iranian propaganda book from 1979 to 1983 : Hannah Darabi’s proposition
Thursday october 05, 2017 - 8 pm

Bhaman Jalali / Rana Javadi

From the beginning of the revolution in 1979 to 1983, a short period of freedom of expression in Iran led to the publication, by different institutions and the propaganda office, of thousands of political journals and photographic works fed by the images of the revolution and the war against Irak. La Jaquette blanche, project of the iranian artist Hannah Darabi, comes back on this key moment of the country’s history through her own colection of Iranian publications.

While constituting this archive, the photograph highlights an exceptional period of the Iranian edition and preserves its memory. Photographic publications, propaganda reviews, political fanzines but also artists’ books and school textbooks form this unique collection which will be exhibited partly for the first time for an evening at LE BAL. The presentation of the works will be followed by a meeting with Hannah Darabi, Catherine David, co-director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne and author of seminars, exchanges and exhibitions on the contemporary representation of the Arab world, and Chowra Makaremi, anthropologist and research fellow at the CNRS. The conversation will be moderated by Emilie Lauriola, manager of LE BAL bookshop. The conversation will begin at 8 pm – The doors will be open at 7 pm for the visitors to see the books.

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