Inevitable Music #5

Instrumental creation of Sebastien Roux for the Dedalus ensemble
Saturday April 29, 2017- 9 pm

Ensemble DEDALUS et Sébastien Roux

For the first time in France, Sébastien Roux and the contemporary music ensemble DEDALUS will interpret at LE BAL an acoustic version of Inevitable Music #5, sounds translation of the american artist Sol Lewitt’s mural drawings.

From 2010, Sébastien Roux has been working on the concept of sound translation which consists in using a pre-existing work (visual, musical, literary) as a musical score. Inevitable Music #5 is the first instrumental creation of this series realised with the collaboration of seven musicians of the Dedalus ensemble, during residencies at the Villa Médicis where Sébastien Roux was resident in 2015-2016.
Composer of experimental music, Sébastien Roux works on different issues such as listening, sound space and writing, starting from formal constraints. He collaborates regularly with artists from different disciplines. The collective Dedalus develops a repertory from free musical scores stemmed from experimental contemporary North American and European music from the 60’s to nowadays.

With Didier Aschour, guitar, Cyprien Busolini, alto, Dafne Vicente Sandoval, bassoon, Christian Pruvost, trumpet, Sivlia Tarozzi, violin, Deborah Walker,cello, and Sébastien Roux, electronical composition and diffusion.

Information :
Fees : 9 euros




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