Look out from the bedroom

Movie cycle around Gerard Petrus Fieret
June 7 - July 5, 2016 - 8 PM

Puce moment, Kenneth Anger, 1949

 Cinédoc Paris Films Coop

A program by Vincent Gérard, director.

Following the example of the joyful, strange and beautiful chaos of Gerard Petrus Fieret, this program will try to open the views which link the absolute freedom of privacy and the games bordering the outside : watch, look, listen ! Here and there, close to oneself, in the public interstice, in society folds in bedding, or even better, through the bright recalls of the world. How can one play with the real material ? Bend it without betraying its subjects and the feeling of both attraction and revulsion. Explore obsessively all possibilities again and again. Discover the edge of the reprensation of the unvarnished and deadly beauty.

Scopic drives / Tuesday June 7 - 8 PM

The eye rigorously follows here the sound movement, lyrical or quiet, faithful to the real sense of pleasure, which, as for Sade, remains the hearing. The listening position will be, as promised in the title, the bedroom. The writer Hélène Cixous precisely says it : "It is the same in cinema and litterarture". We write in bed, we listen from the pillow, we observe seated from the centre of the kitchen while waiting for the scene (kitchen, undressing, game, cigarette, shadow, face), organizing the sublime dregs which we mentally accumulate

La Chambre by Chantal Akerman : 1972, 16 mm, coul., muet, 10’25’’

Autoportrait by Man Ray : 1936, 16 mm, n&b, muet, 6’

Les Jeunes Filles Éclair by Tav Falco : 1978, vidéo, n&b, son, vostfr, 32’43’’

Danse phobie sociale 1 – Manjushageko by Daisuke Ichiba : 2010, vidéo, coul., son, vo, 3’46’’

Danse phobie sociale 2 – Manjushageko by Daisuke Ichiba : 2010, vidéo, coul., son, vo, 5’

St Tropez by Bronwen Parker-Rhodes : 2009, vidéo, coul., musique de Rollo Jean, 5’07’’

Passeio com Johnny Guitar (Promenade avec Johnny Guitar) by João César Monteiro : 1995, vidéo, coul., son, vo, 3’27’’


« Let's play outside ! » / Tuesday June 21 - 8 PM

"Outside" is, indeed here, not far away, behind the window I look from. Not to contemplate the society fiction rather the movement surface which quiver in front of our vision. This body mobility isn't necessarily grasped through the nudity of our own spot. Guilty place, neutral place, preferred spot of the eye witness and his sharp ear, in which we looke for the original landscape : Et in Arcadia ego.

Fin by Artavazd Pelechian : 1991, vidéo, n&b, son, 8’13’’

Tiger Me Bollix by Moira Tierney : 2000, 16 mm, n&b, musique d’Andrew Lampert, 3’15’’

O Nosso Homem (Notre Homme) by Pedro Costa : 2007, vidéo, coul., son, vostfr, 25’

J’ai faim, j’ai froid by Chantal Akerman : 1984, 35 mm, n&b, son, 13’

On Sundays by Bruce Baillie : 1960-1961, 16 mm, n&b, son, 27’27’’


The fascination theatre / Tuesday July 5 - PM

Responding to this eye journey initated by the viral work of the batavian photographer, the guiding principle pursues itself and attached itself inevitably to the representation place ! This is one is "border", honest and hard transgression, statement buried in the cinematographic memory following its numerical present where meets our endless solitude. Melancholia of gesture rehearsal. Simple manipulation of litlle feelings which always make us believe : cinema offers a deep emptiness which constantly turns over.

Dear Delicious by Bronwen Parker-Rhodes : 2015, HD, coul., son, vostfr, 3’18’’

Saliva by Rebecca Bournigault : 2007, HD, coul., muet, 2’48’’

Puce Moment by Kenneth Anger : 1949, 16 mm, coul., musique de Jonathan Halper, 6’

Ce que mon amour doit voir by François Bonenfant : 2013, HD, coul., son, vostfr, 11’33’’

Is That What I Think It Is ? by Raphaële Bezin : 2014, HD, coul., son, vostfr, 36’17’’

Practical info

Cinéma des Cinéastes
7, avenue de Clichy - 75017 Paris

Screening : 9,50 euros full price
7,50 euros reduced price
screening + exhibition au BAL Gerard Petrus Fieret : 11,50 euros




Gerard Petrus Fieret

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Gerard Petrus Fieret

Gerard Petrus Fieret