Live by ÈLG, Marion Cousin and Gaspar Claus

BAL LAB Young Creators
Saturday June 11, 2016 - 8 PM

Pajés de Menorca, circa 1930.

Borja Flames

On the invitation of Borja Flames, musician (Nacer Blanco - Le Saule), with the collusion of Maxime Guitton, independnat scheduler, ÈLG and Marion Cousin & Gaspar Claus gather for an exceptional live at LE BAL, following the release of their respective albums. 

Jo estava que m’abrasava – Chants de travail et romances de Minorque et de Majorque is the fruit of the collaboration between the singer Marion Cousin and the cellist Gaspar Claus, first part of a musical research around traditional songs from the Iberian peninsula. Ploughing, scything, and harvesting songs from the past centuries meet the chanson de geste from the medieval era and the archaic trances and others modern sound explorations. Their album will be released with Le Saule/Les Disques du Festival Permanent on June 24.

For twelve years, ÈLG keeps drawing the sound equivalent of concentric spiral and labyrinths made of thujas and guts. He uses a tools and approaches arsenal in constant extension. He combines songs and music in french, dadaist testings and electronic tentacles, tragicomic radio plays and cosmic drifts. His new albul Mauve zone will be released with Nashazphone this coming June 20.

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