Bordering on the human. For a comparative anthropology of artificial creatures

With anthropologist and filmmaker Emmanuel Grimaud
Thursday 8 March, 2018 - 8PM

Ganesh Yourself, 2016

Emmanuel Grimaud

Must robots look like us? What can be gained from cultivating confusion between man and machine? What can be done to go beyond it?

Emmanuel Grimaud is interested in the interactions between humans, artefacts and technology in areas as diverse as religion, robotics and astro-morphology. The author of books on interactions with machines — Dieux et Robots (Gods and Robots, 2008), Le Jour où les robots mangeront des Pommes (The Day Robots Will Eat Apples, 2011) and Robots étrangement humains (Strangely Human Robots, 2012) — he has made several films, including Ganesh Yourself (2016), featuring the android avatar of a Hindu god and its many interactions with the crowd in the streets of Mumbai, India. He is currently working on another robot, Durga, which measures the life force of those who come to consult it.

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Part of "Human/Non-Human"



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