27 - 31 May 2015
  • Pierre Hourquet

  • Rien de nouveau, 32 ans

  • Orphée, 16 ans

  • Berty, 25 ans

  • Emilie, 36 ans

  • Vincent, 32 ans

  • MV, 20 ans

  • Valentine, 29 ans
  • Pommier, 25 ans
  • Clara Abi Nabert
  • Clara Abi Nader

  • Clara Abi Nader

  • Clara Abi Naber
  • Clara Abi Nader

  • Clara Abi Nader

  • Clara Abi Nader

Le Bal presented the crowdsourcing event "PICS UP" to celebrate its 5-year anniversary!

2000 young photographers from LA FABRIQUE DU REGARD participated and posted their pictures on social networks. This event was opened to everyone : 300 persons sent their Pics Up to and shared them on social networks: #Picsup

The aim : to flood the public space with images!

These photos were displayed at a temporary exhibition on the banks of the river Seine from May 27-31.
The exhibition hosted a studio created by LA FABRIQUE DU REGARD and a production workshop to help the public create and produce their own images. The best Pics Up were exhibited.

Join in with #Picsup!




27 - 31 mai 2015

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