La page blanche

Duo performed by Julie Desprairies and Thomas Clerc
Thursday March 26, 2015 - 8 PM

Delphine Micheli

As part of the festival Concordan(s)e.
For its 9th occasion, the itinerant festival invites writers and choreographers which don't know each others to create together.

The constraint is for both an inspiration. Thomas doesn't want an intrusive writing. Sentences, words rather than a story. It is space which creates the text, instantly. For Julie, dance – in the general sense of moving in space – results from the specifics of the place. It agrees to dance. If it dances, she can directly read or write the texts borned from their meeting on stage. A contextual dance, a in situ writing. And the same faith in the poetical space created by words and stage presences.

Which dancer lie dormant in Thomas Clerc ?

To answer this question, we ask at every place :

  • an opening on the outside
  • a glass of water
  • a ream of white paper
  • a blanket
  • a newspaper
  • a song
  • an historical costume

Thomas isn't aware of our hosts's choices.
He discovers everything at the same time as you.


Since fifteen years, Julie Desprairies creates contextual choreographical projects.

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Writer, he recently published Intérieur (éditions Gallimard, 2013), an entire description of his apartment.

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