À trois heures À droite

Performance by Rémy Yadan
Thursday November 23, 2017 - 8 PM

© Rémy Yadan

« À trois heures à droite » is a new creation by the artist Rémy Yadan, conceived specifically for the immersive installation of Clément Cogitore for LE BAL.

This choreographic performance by 10 performer floods all other the BAL exhibition rooms to interact with Clément Cogitore's work.

The visitor, free in the exhibition, wanders through the performers under de musical waves.

"Both of our artistic approachs have always poetically reasoned. The invitation of Clément to produce a performance in his exhibition place highlights this subtile common trait. At the time of the representation, we both become partners in game. " -

-Rémy Yadan

Rémy Yadan is an plastician and videast artist, performer and director, graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris-Cergy. His stage work, with the collaboration of many artists (actors, dancers, musicians, singers, performers...) is between the performance, the choreography and the theatricality. He always looks at the human and the holy, in their most baroque faces and of course, naturally theatrical.

With Alexandre Dumont, Djélali Hammouche, Fabrice Hasovic, Laurent Lelay, Sébastien Peyrucq, Sylvie Subraltar, Margaux Toqué, Maxine Toqué and Cécilia Yadan.

Practical info

For more informations : poret@le-bal.fr
Booking obligatory
Price : 6 €

In partnership with the Cité Internationale des Arts.



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