Meeting and book signing with Alain Bublex and Jean-Paul Felley

Thursday September 29, 2016 - 8 PM

Jean-Paul Felley

Meeting with the artist Alain Bublex and Jean-Paul Felley, co-manager of the Centre Culturel Suisse (Paris). The meeting will be followed by a book signing of Une Après-midi japonaise, at BAL BOOKs at 7 PM.

Photographic set by Alain Bublex, Une Après-midi japonaise draws an imaginary line from Val de Bagnes, Switzerland to Hida, Japan linking their similar relief, between mountainous villages and huge blank stretches. Produced in winter, the japanese and swiss shots are standardized by snow, feigned by a thick fog, whiten by a tangible cold. Combining photography and numerical arrangements, the artist sometimes conveys "ghost images" : the Mont Cervin erects in the Val de Bagnes as an apparition, the Mount Fuji draws itself through an opaque sky... With Une Après-midi japonaise, Alain Bublex offers images bordering on imperceptible, which interfere with our idea of landscape.


Urban planner, researcher and traveller, Alain Bublex reinvents the idea of landscape, city or architecture. Through his work, he sets up a conversation between modern utopias and their potential arrangement to the actual society.


Art historian, Jean-Paul Felley is co-manager of the Centre culturel suisse (Paris). He is the curator of the exhibitions Une après-midi japonaise at the Musée de Bagnes and Lander's Peak at the dam of Mauvoisin from June 18 to September 4, 2016.

Podcast of the meeting (in French)






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