Japanese night around Michel Henritzi

Performance and concert with Yôko Higashi
Friday December 9, 2016 - 8 PM

LE BAL invite Michel Henritzi for an extraordinary japanese soirée

Musician, producer, music critic and laureate of the Villa Kujoyama of Kyōto in 2007, Michel Henritzi works since the 1980s with multiple industrial rock groups and found the label AKt with the collective NOX. Passionate by Japan, his last opus Yokohama No Shadow ends a japanese trilogy started with the album Shinjuku Blues & Whisperin Shadows and Kyo No Tsuki & Dyin'Shadows. Since 2011, he runs the label A Bruit Secret, plays with the Dustbreeders and is part of the label Elevage de Poussière with Thierry Delles and Yves Botz. Michel Henritzi did a live for LE BAL with the band Dana Valser in 2015, on the occasion of the exhibition DUST.


In Le bruit des chrysanthèmes, Michel Henritzi accompanies with lapsteel Yôko Higashi, former student of the famous Akiko Motofuji and now dancer and singer for Masaki Iwana. This calligraphic performance wrote on a noisy canvas, fed with butō, summons shadows, ghosts and contorted yokai.

Le bruit des chrysanthèmes will be preceded by Walking in the shadow. Michel Henritzi's electric guitar, between abstract blues and folk music accompanies a slide show by the artist Kumiko Karino, made of photographs of a crepuscular Japan, familiar and melancholic. A musical journey across Tokyo, Okinawa and Kyoto streets.

Practical info

Price : 9 euros

More information : poret@le-bal.fr



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