The Golem : when matter comes to life

Screening and debate
Thursday April 6, 2017 - 8 PM

Les Possibilités du dialogue 

Jan Svankmajer

Made of clay and enlivens by the scriptures, the Golem is one of the most famous jewish myths and a major character of fantasy literature.

Following the example of Pygmalion, the Golem represents a cinematographic myth par excellence, because it stages the stimulation of an lifeless matter. It is also a story which focuses on the material process of creation, of production.
How does the Golem myth inspired the animated picture artists ? How does it allow a discussion on the creation process ? The screening will follow three movies : Matière première by Jakob Gautel (1999), Obscurité lumière obscurité by Jan Svankmajer (1990), and Studio Golem by David Musgrave (2012).
The screening is conceived as part of the exhibition Golem ! Avatars d'une légende d'argile, presented by the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme (march-july 2017).

With Jakob Gautel, artist, and Pascal Vimenet, lecturer, curator and specialist of animated films.

In line with the cycle Matérialismes à l’œuvre, organized by the École normale supérieure, the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 and LE BAL.


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