25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners : launch and book signing
Thursday March 3, 2017 - 8 PM

 Klara Källström et Thobias Fäldt

On the occasion of the release of 25 Lemon Trees, No Gardeners, the founders of the swedish editorial and curatorial platform B-B-B-Books, Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt question at LE BAL about the medias role in the public perception of historical and political events.

To go along the book release in 2012 of Europe, Greece, Athens, Acropolis, the artists pursue their investigation on the crucial place of medias in the Greek economic crisis. They lean on minor news items of 2011 which they confront with the 2015 referendum. Actually, this tall story invented around the Evangelismos hospital of Athens resurfaces by this time and is once again published by the press. According to newspaper, the hospital, which hasn't any garden, employs 45 gardeners. These revelations are the perfect metaphor of the waste of public money and of the state responsability in the economic crisis. A more detailed study will later show that the Evangelismos hasn't indeed a garden and even less any gardener but 25 lemon trees planted in the backyard.

The discussion between artists at 8 PM will be hosted by Rémi Coignet, publication director of The Eyes and Emilie Lauriola, bookseller for LE BAL. It will be followed by a book signing at 9 PM.
*In English*

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