BAL LAB Young Creators
Signatures by Cédric Delsaux, Christian Patterson, Stéphanie Solinas and Yury Toroptsov
Friday June 26, 2015 - 6 PM
  • Cédric Delsaux

  • Yury Toroptsov

  • Stéphanie Solinas

  • Christian Patterson

  • Christian Patterson

LE BAL BOOKS invites Cédric Delsaux, Christian Patterson, Stéphanie Solinas and Yury Toropstov for a signature session

Trap Alphonse Bertillon in his own process, the anthropomorchic photography. Reconstitute the puzzle of a 1950s miscellaneous news item which inspired directors, novelists and singers. Follow the path of Jean-Claude Romand across the Gex country. Return to Russia to explore the scattered remains of his father memory... A young generation of photographers gathered at LE BAL works on the reconstruction of history by a inquiry work and an editing of images which question the narrative idea.

The book signing will be followed by a meeting with the artists, hosted by Rémi Coignet at 7 PM.


Cédric Delsaux                       Christian Patterson
Zone de Repli                          Redheaded Peckerwood
Editions Xavier Barral              MACK Books
24x 32 cm                                19 cm x 24 cm
112 pages                                168 pages
40€                                          45€

Stéphanie Solinas                  Yury Toroptsov
Sans titre, M.Bertillon               Deleted Scene
RVB Books                               Kehrer Verlag
19X26,6cm                               24 x 32 cm
96 pages                                  96 pages
(sold-out)                                  29€

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Images of Conviction

The Construction of Visual Evidence

June 4 - August 30, 2015


Conversation with Cédric Delsaux, Christian Patterson, Stéphanie Solinas, Yury Toropstov

Friday June 26, 2015 - 7 PM

The destruction of Koreme, Iraqi Kurdistan

Discussion with Susan Meiselas and Diane Dufour

Thursday 25 June 2015 at 7PM

Modern forensic : the trace culture

Meeting with Luce Lebart and Pierre Margot

Thursday June 18, 2015 - 7 PM

Images of Conviction

The Construction of Visual Evidence