Dance performance

Julia Cima / Cécile Mainardi
Wednesday October 30, 2013 - 8 PM

Mark Cohen, pink jumprope, 1975 / Courtesy ROSEGALLERY

Dance performance by Julia Cima, danceur et choreographer, with a lecture by Cécile Mainardi, writer in residence at LE BAL.

Dance has always been photographed, but have we already danced to photography ?

Julia Cima, dancer and choreographer, will try to dance to Mark Cohen's photographs. She will be accompanied by Cécile Mainardi's lecture.

Is it possible to extend the comubstion of a photo, a picture, by a gesture, a movement, a dance ? What can a choregraphic body still reveal about the endless fire that burns in the heart of any photograph ? To sum up, how dance can be image, when the photographs by Mark Cohen are already a dance in acts. They expose fragments of sculpted bodies like as much of decomposed movements. Toward the meeting of the body, the voice and image...

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