Round #8 : open the community

Debate organized by LE BAL and the EHESS
Wednesday November 29, 2017 - 8 PM

© Clément Cogitore / ADAGP, Paris 2017

How can we think and represent the community nowadays ?

To the traditionnal vision of a community closed on itself equals the idea that the researcher must immerse himself into the community to understand it "from the inside". The immersion was the keystone of traditionnal anthropology ; It is also used by artists who reach to go further the single assessment or prejudices. Yet, the current communities aren't closed or have the vocation to be open, even if they spatially or culturally isolated. The limit between the life together and outside world may be a staging area for those who aren't afraid by others. To observe the other to understand him, it is already getting closer to him. From then on, how the approaches of creation and understanding can be found on a study on photographed or filmed subjects ? How can both image and text can go further an analysis and be a real trading experience, a conversation which aim to open the community ?

In parallel with the exhibition Clément Cogitore, Braguino or the impossible community, Isabelle Coutant, sociologist and Gilles Saussier, photographer will approach this issues together.


The sociologist Isabelle Coutant studies the transformations of the working classes and the social phenomenon of "class splitting" using ethnographic studies of the parisian area. She recently analysed the effects of a new immigration in a working-class area of the North-east side of Paris during the summer 2015, in the heart of the "migratory crisis".

Gilles Saussier presents since the late 1990s an open activity around numerous documentary projects and image collections (Empire 565, Studio Shakahari bazar, Envers des villes, endroit des corps, Le tableau de chasse, B. Mineur) which he constantly revisits and criss-crosses to enrich the lecture of actuality. His practice assumes the photographic act as a preformative act, at the crosscroads of documentary, minimalism and anthropology.


Host : Sylvain Bourmeau, journalist, producer of La Suite dans les idées on France Culture and lecturer for the EHESS.

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