Saturday January 27, 2018 - 3 PM


Larry Sultan/Mike Mandel 

In the age of advertising, marketing, state surveillance and social networks, can anybody still 'disappear' ? With our activities on the Internet constantly being tracked, anonymity — using anonymous networks, encrypting e-mail content, securing connected devices, etc. — seems to have become a utopian dream.

Believing that specialists should not have a monopoly on protecting private data, Le Reset, a feminist hackerspace, will lead a workshop at BAL where participants learn how to use IT tools in order to secure their digital environment.

Schedule :

Presentation and discussion aounrd the surveillance of online communications. How does it work ? Help to install and manage tools like :

-Password Manager

-Free mail encrypting (PGP/GPG)

-Download anonymous browser (Tor/Tails)

-Disconnect a smartphone or computer from its operating system or Google services

-Manage diverse plugins (https-everywhere, privacy badger)

Which other resource exists to protect internet privacy ? Which legal recourse for the internet activism ?

Participant must bring their own device (phone, computer or tablet). The workshop is open to everybody. No IT skills required.


Reset is a parisian feminist hackerspace which organizes workshops and conferences to share their numerical knowledge.

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Price : 4 euros

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