Talk with France(s) Territoire Liquide

with Aglaé Bory, Brigitte Bauer et Geoffroy de Boismenu
Wednesday October 16, 2013 - 8 PM

Geoffroy de Boismenu, Projet FTL

Reflecting the Mark Cohen exhibition, LE BAL welcomes three photographers from France(s) Territoire Liquide to witness their experience in French territory.

The mission France(s) Territoire Liquide, launched in 2011 by four french photographs, is a collective research on french landscape. The project gathers about thirty photographs under the artistic direction of Paul Wombell (Curator of Le Mois de la Photo of Montréal in 2013). It aims to build a new vision of the landscape by highlighting the movement of its real or virtual frontiers. The whole result will be the subject of a publication, a video and exhibitions in 2014, with the support of DATAR.

Hosted by Christine Coste, journalist et critic.

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