Taking photographs - Sculpting "au jugé"

Conference by Dominique Païni
Wednesday December 4, 2013 - 8 PM

Mark Cohen, Blackberries, 2008 / Courtesy ROSEGALLERY

The fleeting and obsessionnal photography of Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen's work give rise to mixed feelings: on one hand, he snaps au jugé (approximately); on the other hand, he deliberately (almost obsessively) chooses to carve things and human beings.

The conference will try to understand this photographic project founded on the removal of body or object parts, on the oddness of a framing dying out reality : chests, legs, soulders or hips in a close-up shot, like in a archaeological museum. Is Mark Cohen making a systematic subversion of what makes the beauty of photography ?

Everything goes like if the over-controlled shot of Mark Cohen meets the lacunar effects produced by the coincidence of the action of time on things.

It will be the occasion to remind the relations between photography and sculpture in a work which seems to be as improvisation as a procedure.

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Mark Cohen

Dark Knees