Main partner

Ville de Paris

Since the outset, La ville de Paris has been right behind LE BAL. It backs the whole of LE BAL programs, including the Fabrique du Regard's outreach activities towards young Parisians mostly from schools in underprivileged Priority Education.




Public Partners

Ministère de la Culture

An active partner of La Fabrique du Regard since the outset, the Ministère de la Culture is currently contributing to ERSILIA. It is also a partner of the Fall seminar and Les Carnets du BAL. It supports LE BAL as a platform for young creation and particularly LE BAL Award for Young Creation with the ADAGP.


FEDER - L'Europe s'engage en Île-de-France

L’Europe s’engage en Île-de-France with Le Fonds européen de développement régional (FEDER) supports the development of ERSILIA, our digital platform for thinking through images. 

Conseil Régional d’Île de France

Le Conseil régional d'Île-de-France has contributed to the opening LE BAL and LE BAL Books. Each year it plays an active part in the Mon œil ! program for Île-de-France high school students.

Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires

The Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires is the founding partner of Que Faire ?, launched by La Fabrique du Regard in 2016. Since 2014, this institution has also supported the development of Mon Journal du Monde all over the national territory. 

Préfecture de Paris – Direction départementale de la cohésion sociale

Since 2010, la Préfecture de Paris has been an active player in the programs of La Fabrique du Regard and pilot projects in Paris, notably in priority development neighbourhoods.

Mairie du 18e arrondissement - Paris

La Mairie du 18e arrondissement provided a major boost to the program Mon Journal du Monde, dedicated to the mid-school students and still accompanies it each year.

Centre National des Arts Plastiques

Le centre national des Arts Plastiques (CNAP) makes an active contribution to the Fall seminar and to the Les Carnets du BAL.

Major Sponsors


ADAGP assists LE BAL in its support for Young Creation by contributing to the LE BAL Award for Young Creation with the ADAGP.

Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso

Major patron of ERSILIA, La Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso supports since its beginning the developments and evolutions of ERSILIA, the innovative and collaborative digital platform of thinking through images of la Fabrique du Regard.

Fondation de France

The Fondation de France backed Mon Journal du Monde and Regards Croisés, especially in Paris 18th arrondissement, from 2009 to 2015.
La Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso, la Fondation de l’Orangerie and la Fondation La Ferthé support La Fabrique du Regard and are under the auspices of la Fondation de France.

Fondation Groupe EDF

La Fondation Groupe EDF is a major patron of ERSILIA, the digital platform of thinking through images.

Fondation la France s'engage

La France s'engage supports ERSILIA, the digital platform for thinking through images of LE BAL.


Fonds du 11 janvier

The Fonds supports ERSILIA and La Fabrique du Regard's outreach activities. 

Fondation Ag2r – La Mondiale

Since 2014, thanks to the support of La fondation Ag2r - La Mondiale, four elementary school classes have become part of the Regards Croisés.

Fondation Suez

Following up its support for the renovation of the LE BAL building, Fondation Suez supports Mon journal du Monde.

Fondation Groupe ADP

La Fondation Aéroports de Paris supports Mon Œil !, an images analyze and description program dedicated to young students from disadvantaged areas



Fonds de dotation Entreprendre pour aider

The endowment funds Entreprendre pour Aider is a partner of Mon Journal du Monde. With its support, since 2016, La Fabrique du Regard leads each year three workshops of thinking and creation with groups of young people having mental and psychological illness.

Fondation d'entreprise KPMG France

La Fondation d’entreprise KPMG France has supported the program Mon Œil ! and led to associate two new schools to it in Ile-de-France. 


La Fondation La Ferthé supports all the activities of La Fabrique du Regard.


Fondation Linklaters

La Fondation Linklaters supports the development of Mon Journal du Monde dedicated to mid-school students from 11 to 15 years old.

Chœur à l’ouvrage

Choeur à l'ouvrage supports the actions of La Fabrique du Regard, for an education in image, digital and citizenship

Fonds Maif pour l'éducation

Partenaire d’ERSILIA, Le Fonds Maïf pour l’Education soutient nos actions de formation à la plateforme d’éducation à l’image notamment en Région Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Fondation Paris Habitat

La Fondation Paris Habitat est partenaire du programme Que Faire ? de La Fabrique du Regard sur les territoires de Paris Nord, Saint Ouen, Gennevilliers et Clichy.


Banijay, membre du Club Entreprises du BAL, soutient l'ensemble des activités du BAL. 



Le Club Entreprises du BAL est un laboratoire de réflexion, de création et d'action qui réunit entreprises et dirigeants partageant les valeurs du BAL et soutenant son ambition d'inscrire résolument les arts visuels dans une réflexion sur nos sociétés. L'énergie et l'innovation donnent au BAL des éléments d'ADN communs évidents avec les entrepreneurs. 



Associated Partners


Arte Studio Lab has accompanied LE BAL and La Fabrique du Regard in the conception and the technical development of ERSILIA since its creation. Under Edutheque, a pedagogical, cultural and scientific resources portal, LE BAL proposes an expanded access to ERSILIA designed for second cycle teachers and their students.


Le Musée d'art et d'histoire et du judaïsme

ERSILIA and the musée d’art et d’histoire du Judaïsme (mahJ) cooperate during 2018-2019 to organise a crossed journey entitled  "Glance(s) at the other". This journey offers tools to decode formation and diffusion mecanisms of negative representations of the Other. It participates to nourish intercultural dialogue around issues of intelorance and discrimination.


LE BAL is pleased to collaborate with le Jeu de Paume for the year 2018-2019, as part of their common mission of transmitting image practices and their educative perspectives. The partnership offers to educational audiences crossed journeys around themes related to the programming of le Jeu de Paume and the content of the image education numeric platform ERSILIA



En 2018, LE BAL rejoint le réseau TRAM afin de porter collectivement des valeurs et objectifs forts : la mise en réseau des territoires et des idées avec une attention prioritaire aux publics les plus éloignés. 

Cinéma des cinéastes

Since 2010, Le Cinéma des Cinéastes has hosted the « Cycle Cinéma » linked with the current exhibition at LE BAL, which enables the audience to discover a high-level selection of rare and experimental films in one of the only cinema to be equipped of a 35mm projector.
Le Cinéma des Cinéastes is also a partner of the program Mon Oeil ! of La Fabrique du Regard. Each year, projections are organized there.


Each year, l'École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales hosts the Fall seminar of LE BAL which aimed to explore the issues of contemporary images and to understand the idea of visual “document” in its whole diversity. This collaboration has prevailed since 2015 with the Rounds, organized in the heart of each exhibition at LE BAL. These Rounds use a radiophonic format in order to create a conversation between an artist and a social researcher. Theses dialogues are all about building a common thinking regarding the limits, the forms and the potential of an image based relationship to the world.

La Fémis

La Fémis is a partner of Mon Œil !. Each year, projections are organized there. In June 2017, the school hosted the restitution exhibition of works by the young students. Directors and former Fémis students regularly lead workshops of creation with the young students of La Fabrique du Regard.

Technical Partners

Petite friture

Petite friture, design editor created in 2009, was born with the will to promote young talents, and to develop with them a catalogue of objects, lighting and small  furniture that creates a vibration. Since July 2018, Petite friture's furniture adorn LE BAL Café Otto

Art is code

Design, development and web content agency, Art is code contributes to the PICS UP platform design in March 2015, and the conception and design of LE BAL's new website in November 2015.

Picto Foundation

One of Paris's oldest photo printers, and ever attentive to artists' needs, PICTO has been with LE BAL from the start, with special emphasis since 2013 on helping young artists and backing La Fabrique du Regard.


Media Partners