A Handful of Dust

Curated by David Campany
From the 16th of October 2015 to the 31st of January 2016
  • Élevage de poussière, Man Ray et Marcel Duchamp, 1920, Courtesy Galerie Françoise Paviot 

     ADAGP, Paris, 2015

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Après une tempête de poussière, une femme écrivant dans la poussière, Kansas City, 1935, Photo de presse.

    Photographe inconnu

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Tempête de poussière au Kansas, terrain stérile,1935. Photographie de presse.

    Photographe inconnu

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Une empreinte se révèle quand on la saupoudre d’un mélange special. November 7, 1923. Photo de presse.

    Photographe inconnu

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Robert Burley, Demolition of Buildings 64 and 69, Kodak Park, Rochester, New York, 2007

    Courtesy de l’artiste et du Musée Nicéphore Niépce, France

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Laure Albin Guillot, Plate II, Brazilin, album Micrographie Décorative, 1931

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Double page extraite du livre Fait: Koweit 1991, Éditions Hazan, 1992

    Sophie Ristelhueber

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • John Divola, Vandalism, 1973 - 1974, Courtesy of Gallery Luisotti, Santa Monica, California

This exhibition is a speculative history of the last century, taking dust as its motif.

Dust - unwanted, inevitable, destructive – is the great suppressed substance of the modern age. The world of order and hygiene attempts to banish dust yet it will always return.

The exhibition takes as its starting point two significant events that happened in Europe in October 1922. In the Parisian journal Littérature, Man Ray published his photograph of dust gathering on the surface of Marcel Duchamp’s Large Glass (where it was title ‘Vue Prise en Aeroplane’); and in the London journal The Cirterion TS Eliot published his modernist masterwork The Waste Land containing the immortal lines:

‘And I will show you something different from either  
Your shadow at morning striding behind you  
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;  
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.’ T.S. Eliot

From this beginning the exhibition takes in aerial photography, forensic photography, abstractions of landscapes, ruins, postcards and press photos of the American dust storms, artists’ videos, film clips, documentary photography and site specific works, featuring artists like Man Ray, John Divola, Sophie Ristelhueber, Walker Evans, Mona Kuhn, Aaron Siskind, Gerhard Richter, Xavier Ribas, Nick Waplington, Eva Stenram, Georges Bataille, Jeff Wall, among others.
David Campany


Artists in the exhibition

William Allen et Bruce Nauman
Laure Albin Guillot
Georges Bataille
Jacques-André Boiffard
Robert Burley
John Divola
Marcel Duchamp
Walker Evans
Robert Filliou
Charles Henri Ford
John Gerrard
David Gould
Mona Kuhn
Robert Lebel
Rut Blees Luxembourg
Jeff Mermelstein
Louise Oates
Kirk Palmer
Man Ray
Alain Resnais
Gerhard Richter
Sophie Ristelhueber
Edward Ruscha
Aaron Siskind
Frederick Sommer
Eva Stenram
Shomei Tomatsu
Giorgio Sommer
Nick Waplington
Jeff Wall
Edward Weston
Tereza Zelenkova


A book to accompany the exhibition is co-published by MACK and LE BAL.

In the Press

« Une des expositions les plus excitantes depuis bien longtemps. »

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« D'une œuvre, d'autres qui ne lui ressemblent pas naissent plus tard et leur prolifération pourrait ne jamais cesser. »

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The exhibition takes place as part of LE BAL's fifth anniversary.



Talk with David Campany and Diane Dufour

Saturday 17 october 2015 at 12PM

Conférence de choses – Épisode 8

Performance by François Gremaud, 2B Company

Thursday 26 November 2015 at 8PM


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