Clément Cogitore - Braguino or the impossible community

LE BAL and Filigranes Éditions have co-published the book Clément Cogitore - Braguino ou la communauté impossible [Braguino or the Impossible Community] to accompany the current exhibition.

Designed with the graphic designers José Albergaria and Rik Bas Backer (Change is good), the book traces the chapters of this cruel tale, the images of this dream of isolation and communion with nature which gradually becomes ever darker leading inexorably to the twilight images of a world under threat from every angle. The texts by Léa Bismuth (an interview with Clément Cogitore) and Bertrand Schefer shed light on Clément Cogitore’s intentions and return to the extent of the failure of this communitarian utopia.  

“The Braguines foresaw the separation, break up and divorce from society. At the time of the fight, it is rather civilisation that imposes the choice of weapons, and the derisory defences Braguine has at his disposal to face the threat, when the village turns into a divided camp, gives the struggle majesty.”
— Bertrand Schefer

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Format 192 x 248cm
208 pages
Texts : Léa Bismuth and Bertrand Schefer
French/ English
The book received funding from the ADAGP, the Ministry of Culture, from Lavinia and  Hugues Aubry and the Cercle des 100 Amis Mécènes du BAL [The Circle of 100 friends & Patrons of LE BAL] .



Clément Cogitore

Braguino or the impossible community

September 15 - December 23, 2017

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