Between Protest and Performance - Photography in Japan 1960-1975
September 14 - December 11 2016
  • Kōji Taki, photographie extraite de Provoke 3, 1969

    Yōsuke Taki / Collection privée

  • Daido Moriyama, sans titre, photographies extraites de la série Accidents(Akushidento),1969

    Daido Moriyama /collection de la Shadai Gallery, Tokyo Polytechnic University

  • Araki Nobuyoshi, sans titre, 1973

    Araki Nobuyoshi / Collection Art Institute of Chicago

  • Portrait de Takuma Nakahira, Shinjuku, 1964 par Shōmei Tōmatsu

    Shōmei Tōmatsu - INTERFACE / Collection Art Institute of Chicago

  • Provoke 3, couverture, 1969.

    Takuma Nakahira / Daido Moriyama / Takahiko Okada / Yutaka Takanashi / Kōji Taki. Collection Privée

  • Anonyme, Contestation autour de l'aéroport de Narita, c. 1969

    Collection Art Institute of Chicago

  • Takuma Nakahira, photographie extraite du livre For a Language to Come (Kitarubeki kotoba no tame ni), 1970.

    Takuma Nakahira/ Collection Privée

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Martin Argyroglo

  • Martin Argyroglo

"I was inspired by provoke. Most people paid no attention to it, but really it was like a bomb."
Nobuyoshi Araki

LE BAL presents the first exhibition dedicated to the famous Japanese magazine, which greatly influenced the history of Photography through its major figures: NakahiraTakuma, Daido Moriyama, Takanashi Yutaka.

Both a manifesto and a collective work, Provoke assigned a new role to photography as a reaction to violent social and political turmoil and echoed the emerging Performance art scene.

The exhibition and the accompanying book are the result of three years of research and collaboration between four international museums – Albertina (Austria), Winterthur Fotomuseum (Switzerland), the Art Institute of Chicago (USA) and LE BAL (France) – and more than 40 international lenders, artists, collectors, museums, and galleries.

Teaser of the exhibition

Matthieu Samadet - Goodbye Films / LE BAL

Co-curators: Diane Dufour and Matthew Witkovsky with Duncan Forbes and Walter Moser
Exhibition conceived and produced by LE BAL with Albertina (Vienna, Austria), Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland), Art Institute of Chicago (United-States)
With the support of ANA - All Nippon Airways and Lexus
Media partners of the exhibition: Le Monde, The Eyes, France Culture, Télérama, Beaux-arts Magazine, L’œil de la photo, Mouvements,, Polka,  Time Out Paris




Cinéma expérimental et documentaire au Japon dans les années 1960

du 27 septembre au 8 novembre 2016 à 20h



Vendredi 21 octobre 2016 - 20h

Daido Moriyama / Scandalous

Gare de Paris-Est / exposition du 19 septembre au 20 novembre 2016

Derniers jours jusqu'au 20 novembre 2016

Discussing Provoke

Paris Photo Platform



Documentary and experimental film in Japan during the 1960s

From 27 September to 8 November 2016

Daido Moriyama / Scandalous

Gare de Paris-Est / Exhibition from 19 September to 20 November 2016

From 19 September to 20 November 2016

LE BAL Books during Paris Photo

Talks & signatures



Between Protest and Performance

Provoke 1

Summer 1968

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