In Flagrante - Chris Killip

« The objective history of England doesn't amount to much if you don't believe in it, and I don't, »

« and I don't believe that anyone in these photographs does either as they face the reality of the de-industrialisation in a system which regards their lives as disposable. To the people in these photographs, I am superfluous, my life does not depend upon their struggle, only my hopes. This is a subjective book about my time in England. I take what isn't mine and I covet other people lives. The photographs can tell you more about me than about what they describe. The book is a fiction about metaphor. » Chris Killip, Introduction of In Flagrante


80 pages
Errata Editions
January 2009
24,6 x 18,3 cm
ISBN : 978-1935004066

Secker & Warburg

London Edition, 1988



Chris Killip / What Happened

Great-Britain 1970 -1990

May 12 - August 19, 2012

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