Talk with David Campany and Diane Dufour

Saturday 17 october 2015 at 12PM

Ruins in Reverse, 2012, Courtesy Digital Globe and Flowers Gallery

Mona Kuhn

David Campany, art historian at University of Westminster and curator of the exhibition A Handful of Dust, From the Cosmic to the Domestic, discuss with Diane Dufour, director of LE BAL.

« A photograph is like something lying on the floor and accumulating dust, you know, where these clumps of dust get caught, and it steadily becomes a bigger ball. Eventually you can pull out strings. That’s roughly how it is. » 

 W. G. Sebald


Écrivain, commissaire et artiste

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A Handful of Dust

Curated by David Campany

October 18, 2015 - January 31, 2016

Round #2

organised by EHESS and LE BAL

Thursday 21 January at 7PM

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